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Chargeback Armour

The #1 payments issue of most high risk merchants, is managing chargebacks. That’s why having an easy system to minimize fraud, resolve customer issues and effectively respond to chargebacks is vital to keeping chargebacks low and keep your processing account from getting shut down.

That’s why we created Soar Payments’ Chargeback Armour Services, a suite of simple to use effective industry leading chargeback mitigation services, exclusively for our high risk merchants. Specifically, we offer

Chargeback Armour Programs

Chargeback Representments

Even with chargeback alerts enabled and an aggressive fraud filter in place, high risk businesses will eventually face chargebacks

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iSpyFraud Fraud Management

For e-commerce merchants, accepting payments without an active fraud filter is like flying blind, eventually you will get hit by a flurry of fraudulent transactions.

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Our proprietary ‘Chargeback Armour’ package is a simple way for merchants to lower their chargeback ratio by 72%

Chargebacks Can Be Discouraging


Chargebacks pose a real threat to business owners, and can quickly eat away at your wallet


Get notified of Chargebacks immediately, and become proactive in the process


Keep the money you earned, and put more of it back in your account, with our help

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